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Ghiciti melodia si ce "soft online" a tradus asa de "bine"

I just optisprezece years,
I'm not crazy and I love money!
Nobody stays in my way,
I have only my road-n single direction will lead me somewhere?

Bacu I took the easy,
I copied to mate and sport.
School was over,
Freedom brother, faculty, and night life

My Dreams
The implinesc
How much of palme bat or how clipesc!
Inspir (breathe) love,
Expir (eat) love,
We give to all and will molipsesc.
Nothing in the world
I do not stop
It was hard urlu ARE FERICIT!
I do not strigati what to do,
Because timpu a needle-I
Iara we attach to it!

The day when I saw
My heart has climbed in git,
And in a May coborit?
Bate-up there and when you kiss beat five more minutes on.

I do not want anything,
Green eyes and your hair I get.
May Hold do not move!
That's our picture, 28 februaurie at the subway station iubiiiiimm us!


Only two in November,
Time to stop-in-one Thursday?
And it pacalim,
Let them give way again and take a place in only when we have a despartim!

World cit love you!
Suflletul I'm explodez bomb!
Vise in thousands of parts,
You make them a gift, implinitile you, my dream is to live chïar now?


  1. Bogdan said...
    inconfundabila vama veche
    Anonim said...
    fosta vamaVECHE

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